Geography Quiz

You can only attempt each geography quiz once ( often you can do more as I open it up for testing) and have a total time of 120 seconds to complete each quiz, whereupon you can submit your answers. Good luck and be sure to use my contact page to send any feedback. If you would like to submit questions for a quiz then also get in touch via our contact form and I will make sure you are given credit for the quiz.

Welcome to your Geography Quiz

1. Mt Everest increases in height every year by how much?
2. Which are the only two land locked countries in South America?
3. The longest stairway in the world, with 11, 674  steps is in which country?
4. Paraguay is the only country in the world that has two different sides to its flag.  Which is the only US state has a different sided flag?
5. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
6. Where in the world is the largest limestone quarry?
7. Which country does this flag belong to?
8. Which coutry is Abuja the capital of?
9. What is the height of Olympus Mons Volano, the highest point on Mars?
10. Which of these is NOT a place in the United States?
11. How many US states does the Colorado River pass through?
12. Which of these countries is smallest in area?

I hope you enjoyed this geography quiz and if you have any questions you would like added then send me a message through the contact form