General Knowledge Quiz

You can only attempt each general knowledge quiz once ( often you can do more as I open it up for testing) and have a total time of 120 seconds to complete each quiz, whereupon you can submit your answers. Good luck and be sure to use my contact page to send any feedback. If you would like to submit questions for a quiz then also get in touch via our contact form and I will make sure you are given credit for the quiz.

Welcome to your General Knowledge

1. The line "Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car" comes from which of the following songs?
2. Which member of the Beatles is missing from this sequence of pictures?
3. Who was the oldest Bronte sister?
4. What are these tasty morsels of food called? 
5. How long did it take to construct The Beehive (New Zealand's Parliament Buildings)?
6. What percentages of the air that we breathe is oxygen?
7. On a new show featuring Bob Mortimer, he goes fishing with and old friend. Who is that old friend?
8. Which one of these New Zealand entertainers is youngest?
9. Which country is further north?
10. How many times higher are gun deaths in the USA compared to the UK?

11. In the battle of Waterloo, which lasted roughly 9 hours, how many men were left behind either dying or dead on the battlefield?

12. Larry the cat has served 10 Downing street faithfully since 2011.  What is he referred to as?

I hope you enjoyed this general knowledge quiz and if you have any questions you would like added then send me a message through the contact form