The Lake

The Lake

She gazed out the window
Straining to see what lay beyond the meadow
Until at last it was revealed
Now she was ten years old
And exploration and her had become good friends
She ran down the stairs
Out thru the French doors
Hurrying through the meadow toward the lake

It looked so different
Surrounded by trees
As if caught in a huge embrace of greenery
She stood there silent
Making dreams and smiling
For she new this was her secret place

Fifty years later she stared out the window
The lake barely visible
As the trees had become its blanket
She heard coughing again from her mothers room
And rushed to comfort her.
Her father though frail himself
Looked on without a sound.

The lake now called her one last time
As she strode through the meadow
Toward the trees

She looked around at the old house
And saw her daughter
Staring out the window
The tears streamed down her face
As she remembered
As if still ten years old

As her father met her on the path
Leaving the lake and meadow behind
He stretched out his arms
And like an autumn breeze
A chill became their tears

Her daughter ran down the stairs
And found her mum weeping
Too young to know her grief

“Will the lake still be here when I’m your age mum”
The daughter asked in quiet surprise
Her mother turned and kneeled
Taking her daughter in her arms
With a quizzical look
She wiped the tears from her mothers eyes
“I don’t know”
Her mother said
“Take from life everything you hold dear
And never ever let it go”
They walked slowly hand in hand
Through the meadow
Toward the trees
To the lake.