The Clearing

When I awoke that night
Thirsty, my mouth a stone
In a river that once was
The haven that always craved water.
Your back toward me
Glistening as the dawn appeared
My arms reached over
To hold you close
My love, my eternal dream.

We walked through the forest
The shafts of light
Piercing the canopy
The grey mist of winter
Smokey amongst the haze.
Your hand in mine
Our fingers extensions
For our thoughts
I strode on as your grip
Grew tighter.
You walked with purpose
Your stealth no longer a shadow
Beneath the trees of the past.

The clearing hardly noticed us
As we broke its vows of silence
Drifting in as the fog began to melt

The man at the corner store
Seemed frustrated as he tried to find
The candles that we’d asked for
Even though his daughter
Kept repeating
“They are on the second shelf
They are on the second shelf”
He kept on searching
Telling his daughter
To go inside and help her mother.

The clearing always noticed us
As our vows of silence broke
The fog we had made the day before
Started melting before our eyes
We start again, forward just a little
From where our doubts
Began their journey

The man at the corner store
Found the candles we had asked for
His daughter stood there shaking
Holding them tightly in her hands
She gazed at us, still shaking
Our shame so naked yet over-dressed.
She strode forward
And placed the candles in your hands
Looking at us both, still shaking

“These candles are for both of you
Their brightness you will see
When only you forsake the fog
And trust each others vision
Of the future you both will see”

We walked away
Candles in hand
Feeling that some Hallmark
Birthday card
Had reduced us to openness

The man at the corner store
Came running after us
Almost out of breath
Almost desperate in his regard.

“Im sorry for my daughter
She knows not how history is made”

Not a word was spoken
As we followed the trail home
Our minds not quite alert
Even to the raindrops
That soaked us along the way

You turned to me
And asked me
Did I believe all that had been said
I reached over and took a candle
And placed it in the clearing

The wind howled
As I tried to light the candle
Its only protection, You and I
I stood back as the wind grew stronger
And in amazement
We gazed
As the light
Grew brighter.