Talk to me

Picking up your towel
You stop and stare at yourself in the mirror
With no one to hear your silence
The only sound is the day awakening

You stand there, cold and shivering
Until your silence is shattered
By the starters pistol
Telling you the day has begun

Making a list, she sits and ponders
Talk to me, Talk to me, Talk to me

The supermarket was full that day
Everyone, despite the urgency
Taking their time
Browsing what will soon
Become the contents of their stomach

When she was young
She watched the ants on the footpath
Scuttling about
Rushing here and there
And as she emerged into the carpark
All the ants were getting in their cars
Eager to get home.
Talk to me, Talk to me, Talk to me

She lay in bed, the day complete
A day filled with requests
A day filled with no respite
She glanced around
A hundred telephones
Sitting in judgement
Talk to me, Talk to me, Talk to me

The ringing grew softer
As she picked up her book to read
Remembering the story, she breathed a sigh of relief
As silence became her friend.
She started to dream
A world of loyalty
Hand in hand, stride for stride
Counting those by her side.