Sound and vision

Sound and vision

The raindrops turned up their volume
On a bleak September morning
Each one eager to find a place to sleep
From the clouds
They made their journey
A humble pilgrimage becoming
Their last gasp for freedom

“Put the light on”
She said again and again
“Put the light on, you’ll see better”
He reached over, reluctant
Almost feeling like Napoleon
At Waterloo
If only the phone would ring

He wondered how much of life was real
As the trees rushed passed
The bus driver seemingly anxious
To deliver the requisite amount of scenery
For the generous stipend I had provided

“You’ll see better if you put the light on”
The librarian uttered loudly
Having no apparent regard
For the well illuminated
I sat their searching, staring
But there were no signs shouting
“Silence please”
If only the phone would ring

I returned home thinking of
Jacqueline Bisset
And recalled how many parents
Named their daughter
In the hope of producing an actress
If only the phone would ring

The maddening sound of silence
Was slowly becoming too loud