First Time Boating

I sauntered away that summer’s day
Frivolous of time
Locked in the capsule of ignorant bliss.
Striding along, keeping pace with the river
I became aware of each new ripple
That the water beckoned me with
I drew a deep breath and sat for a while.

“God give me strength”
He cried
As the boat began to take on water
The river was moving faster now
Eager to reach the sea

Unaware of what was happening upstream
I idled away that summer’s day
The plans I’d made not quite complete
The turmoil of love still caught
In a tangled net
No fisherman would want.

“Save me, save me”
The young man screamed out
As he came into sight
Clinging to hope
Clinging to life
Clinging to the shell of the boat
As if it were life itself.

I ran down stream
To the deserted wharf
And threw the rope as far as I could
He let go of the boat

We sat there on the river bank
Breathless and silent.
“Damn fool” he said
” I’ve never been in a boat before”
I looked at him in smiling regret
My next sentence, although quite true
I never delivered.